Warehouse Solutions

  • Cantilever-8 Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking

    The cantilever system is the optimal solution for the storage of long, bulky and heavy loads. The cantilever system is composed by structural columns specially designed for this function and articulated arms that hold the material to be stored.

  • paletizacion-main Pallet Racking Pallet Racking

    The Pallet Rack system for pallets is the optimum solution for the storage of homogeneous loads such as the European, American and Australian pallets. The Pallet Racks allow one only access to each pallet as well as the management of a wide volume of references.

  • Entreplantas Modulares para almacenaje de puertas Modular Mezzanines for the storage of doors Mezzanine Floor Mezzanine Floor

    The installation of a MECA Mezzanine floor represents the best solution for the best usage of a warehouse or building surface obtaining one, two or more levels thus making the best of the height of the building and making new working areas, storage zones, archives, etc…

  • Bases Móviles de estantería cantileverMobile Bases with cantilever rack Mobile Bases Mobile Bases

    When the storage space is small and costly, the necessity is to find an optimum solution combining safety, productivity and an adjusted price. The mobile storage systems are the ideal systems for a wide variety of products that require a direct access. The main feature of the mobile systems is that allow the optimization of the available space.

  • Carton Flow with Pick-to-light Carton Flow with Pick-to-light Carton Flow Carton Flow

    The dynamic storage system, Carton Flow is essential to provide modern a distribution system, reliable and economically efficient. These are the representatives of the last generation of FIFO (the first product in is the first product out) for products with a high turnover. At the same time, these are space savers.

  • Estantería Drive-In  Drive-In pallet racking Drive-In Drive-In

    The MECA racking system for compact pallet racking (also known as Drive-In), is the solution for an ideal storage when there should be stored a huge amount of only one product, with the finality to optimize to the maximum the storage capacity using the minimum space. The storage capacity of the compact pallet racking system is superior to the conventional storage system.

  • Estantería de paletización Dinámica de gran alturaLive Pallet Racking with high height Dynamic systems Dynamic systems

    The dynamic systems play a very important role in the materials process. Apart from providing a better use of the available volume in the warehouse, they combine the principals of the inventory management FIFO (first-in, first-out) and LIFO (last-in, last-out).

  • Estantería Picking para carga manual Longspan Rack for manual loading Longspan shelving Longspan shelving

    The MECA long span shelving is designed for manual loading and direct handling with load requirements less severe. The possibility of adaptation to medium or big loads coupled with an easy and quick level height modification and easy assembly make of the MECA long span shelving the best storage system in any environmental working area.

  • profi-meca-shop Longspan shelving Meca Shop

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